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ZenEstimate Steel

Quantity Takeoff for Structural Steel Made Easy 

Structural steel takeoff in the modern world is all about the PDF. Almost all of us get the structural design as a PDF file, directly from the designer and we need to develop estimates, orders, schedules, and weights from that 2D data, which has always been a major struggle - until now. ZenEstimate Steel runs on top of Bluebeam Revu, the world’s leading PDF takeoff and estimating system, and provides you with all the tools you need for fast and accurate structural QTO.  ​

ZenEstimate Steel provides over 1,700 steel symbols with built-in weight calculations on both a per/ft and tonnage basis. Each tool allows for both column and beam conditions and adjustable column heights. The ZenEstimate Steel tool set provides symbols for AISC/ASTM standard shapes, from I-Beams and Channels to Rebar and Sheeting. We even include variants for Cold Form and Hot Roll steel shapes. 


ZenEstimate Steel: Structural Takeoffs Simplified!
3/25/2020 @ 2:00 PM ET

ZenEstimate Steel has twenty (20) categories of symbols to make your life simpler: 

  • Cold Form Flat Bar 

  • Cold Form Hex Bar 

  • Cold Form Square Bar 

  • Cold Form Round Bar 

  • Channels 

  • Steel Grating 

  • Hot Roll Flat Bar 

  • Hot Roll Round Bar 

  • Hot Roll Square Bar

  • Hot Roll Strip 

  • HSS Rectangular 

  • HSS Round 

  • HSS Square 

  • I-Shapes 

  • Angles 

  • Misc. Channels 

  • Steel Plates 

  • Rebar 

  • Sheeting 

  • W-Shapes 



With ZenEstimate Steel, all you need to do is drop symbols on top of columns, draw a line on top of beams, choose the correct member sizing, and our tools will calculate all the weights for you, in real time! We even allow you to add a “Connection Weight %” if needed. All these values are totaled and can be exported to Microsoft Excel, or a PDF report as required. We’ve even incorporated layering into our tools, so that you can easily isolate specific items on your plans. Since ZenEstimate tools run on top of Bluebeam Revu**, you have access to all Revu’s sorting/filtering/ commenting tools to structure your output exactly as you need it. 

ZenEstimate Steel tools can save you hundreds of man hours on all your structural projects and provide consistent output/results across your entire company. Contact us today to learn more.

*Per perpetual license

**ZenEstimate Steel is built to run on Bluebeam Revu 2018 & 2019.