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ZenEstimate HVAC

Quantity Takeoff Tools for HVAC

ZenEstimate HVAC is the ideal quantity takeoff and estimating tool for anyone working with PDF documents. It doesn’t matter if you’re estimating ductwork, piping, valves, controls, or equipment, ZenEstimate HVAC can help make your work easier. With both horizontal and vertical linear, as well as count objects, our suite of tools will get you fast, reliable, and consistent takeoffs on every project.

Not only that, but ZenEstimate HVAC has two built in processes: quantity takeoffs for materials and weights, right alongside work process estimates to account for crew costs, unit pricing, even height above floor and work difficulty adjustments. All of these update in real time, as your takeoff values change, keeping your takeoffs both accurate and dynamic.

  • Rectangular Duct

  • Rectangular Connectors

  • Circular Duct

  • Circular Flex Duct

  • Circular Connectors

  • Duct Controls

  • Ventilation

  • Stainless Steel Pipe

  • PEX Pipe

  • Copper Pipe

  • PVC Pipe

  • Galvanized Pipe

  • Brass Pipe

  • Cat Iron Pipe

  • Heat and Power

  • Refrigeration

  • Valves

ZenEstimate HVAC

ZenEstimate HVAC provides over 500 HVAC and piping symbols with built-in weight calculations for different gauges and pipe materials. It also includes standard duct controls and valves for common industry pipe and duct sizes.  ZenEstimate HVAC lets you track installation and material costs dynamically, and even record delivery/return status and dates for materials.


ZenEstimate HVAC has seventeen (17) categories of symbols to make your life simpler: 




Introducing ZenEstimate HVAC

01/20/21 @ 1:30 pm ET

With ZenEstimate HVAC, just draw lines and drop symbols on top of the design plans, and we calculate the weight and cost for you in real time! All these values are totaled and can be exported to Microsoft Excel, or a PDF report as required. We’ve even incorporated layering into our tools, so that you can easily isolate specific items on your plans. Since all ZenEstimate tools run on top of Bluebeam Revu, you have access to all Revu’s sorting/filtering/ commenting tools to structure your output exactly as you need it.

ZenEstimate HVAC tools can save you hundreds of man hours on all your projects and provide consistent output/results across your entire company.

*ZenEstimate HVAC is built to run on Bluebeam Revu 20 & 2019.

**Per perpetual license

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