Top 10 Reasons to Choose BricsCAD

  1. BricsCAD® reads and writes 2018 .dwg with superb fidelity.

  2. BricsCAD® is highly compatible with the industry leading CAD program.
    It’s command compatible.
    It’s menu (.CUI) compatible.
    It’s macro/script compatible.
    It’s support file (.PC3, .LIN, .PAT, .DWT) compatible.

    “If you know AutoCAD®, you can learn BricsCAD® in an hour”.

  3. BricsCAD® offers a full Visual LISP API in all editions – Classic, Pro & Platinum.

  4. BricsCAD® offers perpetual licenses, standard - or you can rent BricsCAD® if you wish.
    BricsCAD® licenses work anywhere on Earth with no cost uplift.

    BricsCAD® licenses work on any of 15 language versions.
    BricsCAD® licenses allow two activations – e.g. a desktop and a laptop.
    BricsCAD® offers network and volume licensing.
    BricsCAD®’s All-In Maintenance keeps you up to date with the latest release.

  5. BricsCAD® runs on Windows, macOS and Linux – your choice.

  6. BricsCAD® offers innovative AI tools like BLOCKIFY and PARAMETRIZE to speed your workflows.

  7. BricsCAD® offers over 1,500 proven third-party applications, for every discipline.

  8. BricsCAD® is available in multiple Editions to meet your needs and your budget.

  9. BricsCAD® delivers an IT-friendly, compact deployment – the installer is ~375MB.
    All BricsCAD® editions are delivered in a single installer – product levels are enabled by individual license keys – simple!

  10. BricsCAD® is fairly-priced, modern Computer-Aided Design software.

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