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Exporting Content with BricsCAD Communicator

Whether it’s BIM or Mechanical, every file created in BricsCAD will be in the native DWG format. However, BricsCAD can convert its files to different formats, such as DWF or Stereolithography (STL). With the addition of the Communicator module, your BricsCAD system will now be able to export in a much wider range of file formats such as the Standard for Exchange of Product Data (STEP or STP), CATIA models, and interactive 3D PDF documents.

To export your work in any of these file formats, use the File -> Export command, or run EXPORT through the command line. Use the dialog box to select the file format you need. If your desired format is not shown, ensure that BricsCAD Communicator is installed correctly and that the ‘Use Communicator’ property in the Settings menu under System is set to option 2 (Using Communicator).

In addition to exporting, BricsCAD Communicator allows full compatibility for importing content in STEP, IGES, and Creo formats, as well as the formats used by SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, and Siemens PLM Systems, however the latter import options are only available on Windows machines.

The BricsCAD Communicator module is available for purchase through ZenTek and is compatible with BricsCAD Pro, Platinum, BIM and Mechanical. For more information on using the BricsCAD Communicator module, please reach out to

ZenTek Consultants provides sales, training, and services for BricsCAD. Check our website for our latest class offerings.

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