What’s New in Autodesk Inventor 2020

September 24, 2019

The latest release of Autodesk Inventor features several new functionalities and changes to the user experience for improving workflows and increasing performance. One major change that comes with this version is the addition of the properties panel for the “Extrude” and “Revolve” commands, which replaces the dialog box used in previous versions. Options for inputting geometry, the behavior of the feature, and the output Boolean selection are all available in the properties panel, which now allows the generation of multiple, separate features from the same panel, without having to recall the commands each time a new feature is called for.


The new version also features a major upgrade to the “Sweep” command, which now allows the sweeping of a solid along a path. This can be used to accurately depict subtractive processes where a bit or a cutter is used to remove material. To perform a solid sweep, make sure the option is enabled, which then prompts you to select a toolbody instead of a profile. Once the path is selected, the program computes the volume swept by the solid along the path defined.


Another major addition is the “Unwrap” command. Unlike Sheet Metal’s “Unfold” option, “Unwrap" does not compute bend radii. It instead uses numerical methods for calculating the deformation map and heat index for the unwrapped face. This helps create flat shapes from complex surfaces that do not meet the traditional sheet metal specifications. “Unwrap” works on any continuous or adjacent faces and can be used when the Sheet Metal “Unfold” command fails to execute.


Additional optimization features have also been implemented for performance improvements. New methods for material rendering and mesh geometry are in place to allow work processes to execute faster and smoother.


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