Autodesk Revit® Tools for Building Information Modeling (BIM)

July 31, 2019

Revit is a valuable design tool in the building information modeling, or BIM, process. Let’s take a look at some of the tools available within Revit that can assist in creating an intelligent building model.


First and foremost is the building model itself. Using object construction similar to actual building elements, the Revit building model simulates real-world construction. The ability to construct a model in a way that emulates real conditions gives valuable insight into potential conflicts. Editing a virtual building model is much easier and less expensive than making changes in the field. Sections of the building model are not simple views, but actual cuts through the model. Changes made to the model are reflected in all views.

Each element within the building model contains parameters – information related to the element. A wall contains parameters related to materials, assembly, and thermal properties. These parameters may be linked to material schedules and quantity takeoff schedules. Visually, materials look like actual building materials in renderings and shaded views.



For BIM coordination, Revit models of each discipline can be linked or coordinated using Autodesk’s BIM 360®. Linking the models shows visually how the systems and structure go together. Clashes can be identified through the use of plan views, sections, and elevations. The Reload Latest button allows the user to see changes made to the linked models instantly.


The information contained within the Revit model is the key to a successful BIM process. Relating building objects to data creates a digital replication of real-world scenarios for construction. While BIM does not eliminate the need for human input and interaction, it does expand the realm of possibilities for design and construction.


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