SaaS – the Bane of the AEC World

June 19, 2019

Software as a Service (SaaS) has been hailed as the greatest boom to the software industry in the last generation – it’s “revolutionized” the way software is sold, and updates delivered! You pay fixed monthly/annual fees and get regular updates to your software forever . . . well, as long as you keep paying, anyway. 


All of which is great for the software developers but is an absolute nightmare for those of us in the Architecture, Engineering, & Construction (AEC) world. The “benefit” of constant updates to our software is no true benefit at all. It actually hurts many of us because we’re constantly having to re-learn and adjust our workflows to new layouts and processes that offer us very little benefit. At the end of the day, software developers are often making changes for the sake of making changes. In other words, they are forcing you to pay for regular updates, so they have to change something to justify the SaaS model you’re paying so much for. How many times have you seen updates for the new “dark mode” or “cutting edge toolbar graphics”? None of these are actual upgrades, they’re changes to justify the recurring costs we’re forced to pay. This has become particularly true of the CAD world, where AEC firms are forced to pay tens of thousands of dollars each year for SaaS systems that haven’t had a genuine functionality upgrade in years (you all know who I’m talking about!) 


Well, some folks in the CAD arena are fighting back, and providing better, faster, 2D, 3D, and BIM systems that you purchase as a perpetual license (i.e., one price and you own it forever!) BricsCAD is a powerful CAD system that works with your native DWG files and has all the tools you’ve always used in your current CAD/BIM system. BricsCAD lets you transition to a better CAD system, without losing the benefit of years of experience in your current software – the tools, files, and functions are all the same. The big difference is that you buy it once, then upgrade only when there are new tools that actually enhance your business, not when the mega-software company says you have to! 


Tired of the SaaS costs and loss of productivity in your CAD systems and want to look at a system that will cost 1/3 of what your paying now, while giving you faster production, and that lets you upgrade only when you’re ready? Reach out to ZenTek today to start a discussion about BricsCAD and how it can change the way you do business – for the better! 



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