Autodesk Revit® Structure – Making Connections
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Autodesk Revit® Structure – Making Connections

May 22, 2019

Revit Structural Connections can be confusing. First is the fact that Revit Connections up until the 2019 release require a separate add-in:


This particular feature can be found in your Autodesk Subscription account under Updates and Add-Ons. In Revit 2019 and beyond, Structural Connections are included with the release, and are found on the Structural tab, Connection panel.

Notice the tiny arrow in the lower right corner. This opens the Structural Connection Settings dialog box. This is where you can select the specific connections to load into the Revit project. The Parameters tab allows you to add specific Approval Statuses to the connections.

Once the connections are loaded, connections can be placed using the Connection button shown above. The trick here is to hold the CTRL button on the keyboard, select the main (host) structural member, and then the connecting member, then press Enter. The default connection is a Generic Connection. Clicking on the Generic Connection in the Properties dialog box will give a list of appropriate options for that connection from those that have been loaded into the project. If no connections that are loaded will work at that intersection, only the Generic Connection will show.


The Modify Parameters dialog box (located in the Properties dialog) gives options for structural analysis and customization of connections. The Detail Level of the drawing window should be set to Fine in order to see the full connection symbol.  It should also be noted that in previous releases, structural connections in Revit would only work with the AISC 14.1 structural shapes that ship with Revit. Knowing these few tips and tricks should help with creating structural connections that work well.


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