Autodesk Revit® 2020 – New Features

April 17, 2019

Autodesk has just released the latest version of Revit with some exciting new features.


Starting off is the ability to import and snap to vector PDF files. This is a long-awaited feature and will certainly prove to be helpful to all disciplines.


On the architecture side, Elliptical Walls have been added to standard and curtain walls. This ability allows the user to create an elliptical wall based on major and minor axes, and can host openings such as doors and windows.


The Path of Travel feature can be used to analyze distance and time of travel between points in the model. The intelligence built into this feature is rather advanced, with the ability to recognize obstacles, which are also customizable in the settings.


Direct Shapes (imported geometry) can now be broken into parts. Other functionality has been added to allow for cuts and adjustments using opening and cut tools.


Legends can now be copied and pasted across sheets. Again, a long-awaited feature that will make life so much easier.


The combined power of Revit and Dynamo (which now ships with Revit!) is showcased in the ability to accelerate the insertion of steel connections based on rules. Several pre-packaged Dynamo scripts have been included in this Revit release. Along those same lines is the new Propagate Connection feature that allows the user to quickly copy existing connections.


Several other enhancements have been included in this release, but the ones we have highlighted are quite significant.


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