Early Energy Analysis with Autodesk Revit and Insight

March 13, 2019

Autodesk AEC Collection subscription customers have access to an easy-to-use but informative early building analysis software called Insight. Using a Revit model, Insight provides information related to energy settings and construction and offers options for improvement. Insight is located on the Analyze tab, Energy Optimization panel using the Generate and Optimize buttons.


Create an analytical model using the Generate button. Then send the model to Insight (web-based site) using the Optimize button. Log into your Autodesk Account. Once complete, Insight will show the project on the Insight home page and will notify you via email that the analysis is complete.


Below the model window (which is fully navigable) are “widgets” for different aspects of building analysis and construction. The first is the Benchmark comparison which gives the results of the building analysis compared to ASHRAE 90.1 and the Architecture 2030 Challenge. Values may be shown in USD/m2/yr or kWh/m2/yr.  The goal is to get the benchmark color to green. This is accomplished by adjusting values in the remaining widgets.


Each widget gives a description of the particular setting as well as the current setting, or range. Clicking on the widget will “flip” it to an edit window. Sliders on the bottom of the graph allow you to select or narrow down construction options. For example, the Wall Construction widget contains options for everything from “uninsulated” to the highest possible insulation, “R38 Wood”. The triangle indicates how the model (BIM) is currently constructed. Changes in the widgets will not affect the Revit model, they are simply for analysis and comparison. The steeper the incline of the graph, the more possibility for potential energy savings.




It is worth noting that the intent of Insight is not to replace energy modeling by engineers, but simply to provide designers with early energy analysis and options for design considerations.

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