What Autodesk Revit 2019.2 Can Do for You

January 28, 2019

Revit releases always hit the streets around April of each year, and there is always a flurry of “what’s new” articles and blog posts around that time. Not everyone upgrades right away, and in fact, many companies wait quite a while to upgrade. In addition, there is typically a mid-year release (mid-year in this case meaning January!). This past week, the Revit 2019.2 update was released so here is a review of many of the new features included in Revit 2019, and a look at the Revit 2019.2 update.


One exciting new feature is tabbed drawing windows! Finally, users have the ability to click on tabs at the top of the drawing window to move between open views. Also, the tabs can be dragged onto a second monitor! (Insert snarky comments...yes, this feature has been a long time coming!)


Another long-awaited feature is the visibility of Levels in 3D views. While somewhat awkward in appearance (the Levels appear at the outer boundaries of the 3D Level extents), it is certainly a helpful and welcome addition.


Additional functionality has been added to View Filters with the OR filter option. This allows the user to create conditional statements that are exclusive (View will show objects that meet This Condition AND That Condition), OR inclusive (View will show objects that meet This Condition OR That Condition).


For those working in Perspective views, the ability to un-crop the view, zoom and pan is a game-changer. Previously views were unable to be cropped and the visual field limited. By un-cropping a Perspective view, the user has a more immersive experience and can navigate the model by zooming and panning in a method more like other visual simulations.


The last general feature that will help with view graphics is the ability to assign a background pattern and a foreground pattern to Fill Patterns. Fantastic news for those in the concrete industry, and for many other graphical enhancements.


The mid-year update (Revit 2019.2) also includes new features (not just security updates). The biggest improvement is the ability to zoom in a schedule view. This is accomplished by holding the CTRL key and rolling the mouse wheel, or using +/- keys zoom. CTRL+0 resets the view to 100%.


There are new additions to the Manage Images dialog, including the ability to place a new instance of the image. Previously, users had to insert a new instance by reloading the file into the project.


The small but annoying error “Too Small on Screen” has (finally) been resolved! No longer will users get an error when trying to move an object very small distances. It’s the little things!


Finally, cloud improvements include the ability for subscribers to Revit and Revit LT to save and work with a single-user (not workshared) project in the cloud.


Revit 2019 adds additional functionality to specialties such as Structural Connections and Complex Piping Networks. We will cover those in a future blog post.


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