Surveying Simplicity

April 13, 2018

 You know what the funny thing is about the Survey database inside Civil 3D? Surveyors hate using it!


Don’t get me wrong, the concept of automatically generating both linework and point symbols directly from survey field codes is a brilliant one, with the potential for an incredible amount of savings -both time and money- on every project. The difficulty is the way in which Autodesk chooses to implement this process. Linework generation using the built-in Figure Prefix Library in Civil 3D will get you an automatically-generated basemap, but there are two major drawbacks to the system:


1. It’s exceedingly difficult to set up, and “per project” changes to coding are virtually impossible since the entire database structure is tied to your Civil 3D Template files.


2. It generates “Figures” which are survey-specific item types that require their own set of editing tools, as well as a good bit of training, for users to do even basic linework editing. This is without question the biggest complaint I hear.


When you’re looking to automate your survey drafting you want a tool that will integrate with your field and description codes, generate simple to use 2D polylines for your plans and, ideally, generate separate 3D polylines that you can use for automatically building highly accurate surfaces. Well, that’s where PConnect from SmartDraft comes in. It does all those things and more. I was a regular user of PConnect long before I got involved in selling and supporting it. This simple add-on for Civil 3D generates your linework using regular AutoCAD-based objects that are easy to edit, as well as letting you make changes to the layering/setup on the fly and re-import and redraw your linework in seconds. You can even save client or agency specific formats so that drafting gets done to each client’s standard. Think about the edge that can give you over competitors! Even before ZenTek became the premiere PConnect Partner in the USA, I regularly recommended this affordable product to every one of my clients. If you do survey work, you need to have PConnect in your toolkit, it’s as simple as that.


Want to know more about PConnect? Watch this short overview video or join us for a FREE Webinar that explains exactly how you can benefit from using PConnect.

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