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The Powerful Alternative to Field Tablets

The Holy Grail of the design & construction world is the ability to share work between the field and the office in real time. The ability to easily have as-builts, punch lists, field inspections, and hundreds of other types of field data being transmitted directly back to the office as your field staff does it, is something we all dream of. We’ve all tried it with smart phones, laptops, and tablets but it’s never really worked the way we need it to. Android and iPad tablets can’t really run the software you need effectively, laptops are too bulky for the actual field, and smart phones are just too under-powered to do much of anything. Tablets come closest, but the problem is they use up all their space and power to enable cellular connections, which means they can’t run much beyond simplified apps, when what we need is full-blown construction software in the field!

The real secret behind effective field computing is this: “You don’t need a device with built-in cellular connection!”

In fact, it’s the last thing you want to give your staff – it hurts instead of helps. Consumer tablets are designed for home entertainment use, not for construction work. The limited space inside them is given over to the cellular connection, so you can play Candy Crush from anywhere, but that doesn’t help you do any actual work. What you really need is a detachable device with basic Wi-Fi capability that lets it connect to networks - like the one in the construction trailer, or the one at the Starbucks down the street. In the modern world, we’re almost never out of reach of a wireless network, but even when you are, all you need to do is activate the mobile hotspot on any smart phone and you’re instantly connected to the internet. You have no need for a weak iPad or Android tablet that can’t run the software you need, just to connect field and office. You also don’t want to waste money buying and maintaining multiple devices for your staff, when what you really need is a single device they can use for all their work, regardless of where they are or what they may be doing.

What your field staff needs is a high powered detachable computer, like the Field First system from ZenTek Consultants, which is powered by the Microsoft Surface Pro. We’ve integrated all the hardware, software, and even the training that your field staff will need to handle any type of construction work right in the field and actively share it back to your office. Using powerful software tools like Bluebeam Revu and Microsoft Office 365, we’ve built a system that is not just field capable, but will also do double-duty as a fully functional computer for daily office and trailer work. The Field First systems give you the power of a top-tier computer, combined with the simplicity of picking up a tablet and walking out onto the job site. Whether you work full-time from your truck, or you’re a licensed professional who just needs to work from job sites occasionally, Field First has a system designed just for you. Each Field First system comes with a rugged field case, a secure hand strap, and a flip-down keyboard cover for easy use in any location. We even offer accessory packages that allow you to connect your Field First system to multiple monitors, wired networks and other peripherals easily. Want to know more? Just click here for a list of all our Field First systems.

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