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Why Do People Hate Software Developers?

It makes no sense, right? They love the software itself, it helps them get work done faster and easier, but they hate the developers who provide it. It also seems that the larger the developer is, the more folks hate them. Don’t believe me? Just ask a few of your employees their opinion about Microsoft, or Autodesk and see what they say!

The problem is never with the product these companies provide, it’s with the company in general, particularly with their Support structure (or lack thereof!). It comes down to size I think. Companies as large as Microsoft simply can’t respond effectively to a small firm’s immediate help requests. They’re just not structured that way, and really can’t be. It’s kind of like asking the pilot of a 747 Jumbo Jet if he’d mind stopping off at the local 7-11 so you can get a Slurpee . . . it’s just not a realistic option. The sheer size of these companies makes working with them on a regular basis for simple support and questions very frustrating. Average users don’t have time to sit on hold for 40 minutes and answer 30 security verification questions before anyone will even ask them why they’re calling. You can start to see where the annoyance with these large providers comes in.

Luckily, there’s a simple answer to all this, and it’s the software partner (like ZenTek!) We act as a go between for your staff and the Mega-Developer. When you purchase, or just transfer, your licensing over to ZenTek as your Microsoft CSP partner-of-record, your support, technical, and even billing issues all come to us instead of being shifted off-shore to run through a multi-hour long process. When you bring your Microsoft account over to ZenTek, we know you and your staff. We know what you do, how you work, and can resolve your issues without having you sit on hold for ages. We can take your issue immediately, and our support staff will find the answer, while you go back to work. Even better, if you give us administrative access to your Microsoft account, we can handle all the fixes, updates, adding/removing licenses, etc. for you. How’s that for convenience?

Still not convinced to move to a partner like ZenTek? I’ll sweeten the pot even further – in 99.9% of cases, we’ll give you all the above, while still charging you less than Microsoft for the exact same product! The equation is simple:

Better Service + Fewer Headaches + Less Cost = ZenTek

That’s how you get your people to be more productive and love their software . . . work with a dedicated partner! Just reach out to us to talk about getting you onboard with ZenTek Consultants today.

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