The Benefits of Bundling

August 14, 2017

We all shop. Whether it’s food, clothes, or the latest video games for the kids, we’re all experienced shoppers in our own way. Oh, there are some out there (like my wife!) who are professionals when it comes to the fine art of deal-delving, but even the most reluctant shopper (like me!) has enough shopping savvy to avoid some basic mistakes. For example, I know enough to realize that I’m not going to save any money by travelling to ten different food stores, to buy ten individual items. When I hit the grocery store, I buy as much as I can in a single shot, because that’s where I’m most likely to see my savings. There are exceptions of course. Once in a while, you get that awesome super-saver coupon deal for like 60% off the Titanic-Tub of your favorite product, so you’ll drive the extra two miles to that store, but generally we all know the best deal lies in bulk. It’s the reason those giant box stores do so much business!


Why then, do business owners seem to struggle with that concept? It’s one of those common trends I see, particularly when it comes to software and support. For some reason, companies seem quite content to buy their software, support, and training from different vendors, paying full price for each instead of bundling for savings - and simplicity - with a single partner.  Let me give you an example. At ZenTek, we sell Microsoft and Bluebeam products, as well as provide technical support and training for both. I have clients, who regularly use us for training and technical support, who don’t even want to have a conversation about switching their software licensing over to us when it’s time to renew. “Oh, we already have a guy!” is the most common response I get. Now, I won’t argue over that, if a client has his mind made up, I’m not the kind of guy to go for the hard sell to change it. Still, I can’t help but wonder why they’d even consider that approach for software, when I know they wouldn’t even consider it in real life.


Listen, if you trust me to handle all your technical work and training, surely you can trust me for a simple license purchase, right? Not only that, but I can promise you that when you are buying everything from me, I can give you a better price than you’ll get buying piece-meal from a bunch of different resellers. It’s simple math: the more you buy from me, the higher my profits, and the larger the discount I can give you. Not only that, but it also gives you a single bill to pay and a single point of contact for all your technology questions and issues. I’ll go a step further and tell you that a company like ZenTek, who handles multiple software systems, can give you substantial price savings when you’re buying more than one product line from us. If you opt to get your Operating systems, Office 365, Bluebeam Revu training, and an extended support contract for both packages . . . believe me, I’m going to cut you a huge discount!!


In the real world, you wouldn’t buy meat from one store, then take it to another store to have it cut, then to a third to have them apply your favorite marinade, would you? Of course not, because you know the first store will do all that for you at a better price, without the hassle and cost of driving all over the place to get it done. Trust your native shopping instincts when it comes to business software as well, and bundle! At the very least, ask for some prices! Trust me, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much of a discount you’ll see . . .


Jim C.

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