Don’t be “That Guy”!

July 26, 2017


I spent nearly a decade in the U.S. Army and there’s a recurring term that every soldier learns. Sergeants always begin stories about dumb things they’ve seen with the phrase: "You know how there’s always that one guy ?" . They will then proceed to tell you about some of the silliest things they’ve ever seen, and each of these stories ends with the exact same words: “. . . so, don’t be That Guy!


The point here (aside from the fact that Sergeants are the funniest people on the planet!) is that you don’t want to get caught as being the person doing the one thing nobody else was silly enough to do. That concept plays very big in the business world as well – you don’t want to be the company left standing alone when everyone else has moved on to a new technology base. You don’t want to be “That Company” either. Being the negative standout is never the place you want to be. In the Army, it means a whole lot of personal attention and “corrective instruction” from folks you’d rather didn’t even know your name. In the real world, it means loss of clients and revenue, which can lead to loss of jobs or even entire businesses. So what story line am I telling you here?


Well, just last week, Bloomberg published an article on Microsoft Corp.’s growth in the Cloud technology industry. Demand for the Microsoft Azure service line doubled last year, making them the fastest growing Cloud Solution Provider out there. Their Office 365 Cloud-based applications sales rose by 43%, far outpacing projections and leading to a 33% increase in Microsoft’s stock price, despite industry analysts’ previous projections of a price drop. Growth at that pace is unheard of in the modern tech world. What we’re seeing here is a dramatic shift in the way that businesses will be – and already are – working.


Cloud-based solutions are far more secure than anything you can put in place within your own office. They’re more cost-effective, offer incredible functionality, and they are regularly patched and updated to give you the ultimate in both security and capability. They do this and, on average, cost less than 1/3 of what you’re paying for similar functionality with your on-premises servers and software today. I’ve been preaching about how “leading” businesses were making the change to Cloud for a while now, but I’ll have to revise my stance there. It’s no longer just the leading firms, it’s just about every firm now. Those who are hesitating are running the risk of being left so far behind by their competitors, that they may lose the ability to catch up, if they wait much longer.


In short, my friends, the story I’m telling you today begins with the phrase: “You know how there’s always that one guy who doesn’t think he needs to be in the Cloud?


Do yourself a favor - don’t be “That Guy”!


Jim C.

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