“Free and Unlimited” Storage for AEC Firms is Fading Fast!

July 17, 2017


Cloud service providers made a concerted effort over the last few years to publicize their storage and collaboration tools and draw new users by offering free “Unlimited” storage for your files. It was a pretty sweet deal and if you missed out on it you’re definitely lagging behind your competition. Of course, like all free deals, there’s always an end date built in. For the large Cloud storage systems like Dropbox, Amazon, Microsoft, and Adobe those days are gone. Their prices are still really low and they offer a ton of benefit for firms using them (particularly Microsoft Azure!) but there are storage limits and additional fees for exceeding them now.


The good news is that not all such offers are gone, particularly if you’re in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) world. The king of Cloud Collaboration for AEC is Bluebeam Revu, which provides every user with access to their Bluebeam Studio Cloud Portal which (you guessed it!) gives you free, unlimited, storage for all your files! The good news is that I’ve heard no plans for them to remove that option any time soon. Bluebeam Revu is a Take-Off, Estimating, and Design Review tool that really depends heavily on the idea of open collaboration, so I think they’ll be the very last hold outs on the free/unlimited front.


The real benefit of Bluebeam Studio is that you can host entire projects (drawings, specs, PDFs, RFI’s, etc.) in a secure Cloud environment where you can provide access to clients, vendors, and contractors using basic windows type controls. I have clients who literally just host all their project work on Studio to save on server space, and backup costs, since Studio is on a fully replicated and secure data center. Bluebeam is focused almost exclusively on the AEC community, so you’re one of the few industries who still have that free benefit. Take advantage of it while it’s still available!


Whether you’re new to Bluebeam, or already a Bluebeam user, but don’t know how to access/use Studio effectively, ZenTek can help. Just click here to start a conversation about how Bluebeam can help you control your projects in the Cloud. Not sure what Bluebeam is, or how it benefits all AEC firms? No worries, just click this link to see a short video on what Bluebeam can do for you.


Jim C.

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