Huge Bill Coming Due For AEC Firms In The Next two Years

June 5, 2017


AEC firms don’t like change; that’s a fact. Year after year, they’re noted as the largest industry lagging in the technology upgrade curve. I’ve written posts before about the way AEC falls behind on the tech scale, so I don’t want to beat a dead horse here, but that resistance is about to make a very dramatic impact on every company’s bottom line. What do I mean by dramatic? How’s losing thousands of dollars sound to you? Not very fun, I imagine. There’s only one thing the AEC world hates more than change and that’s losing money!


For those of you who may not know, the Windows 7 OS will become defunct after 2019. Now, you may think that’s a minor inconvenience and still a way off, but believe me when I tell you it’s neither. The latest market research just released shows that 54% of all the Windows-based systems in the world are still using Windows 7 for both desktop and server usage. That percentage is dramatically higher in the AEC world because of their native resistance to change – probably closer to 75%. That means most everyone reading this article is still using Windows 7 at work. You may be thinking “Ok, but I can still use it for two more years. That’s good business. I’m getting the most out of my money.” Setting aside the functionality and security concerns (which are both substantial!) of not being on the latest OS, that thinking is going to seriously hurt your bottom line.


By putting off the upgrade process until the end of the Windows 7 lifecycle, you’re going to take a massive hit in time, money, and functionality all at once. Think about it: if you’re a design firm running Windows 7 and you wait until the last minute to make the upgrade, you’re potentially looking at:

  • Upgrade price for Windows 10

  • Possible cost of new Windows 10 OS (MS has been known to end upgrade paths)

  • Time to download/install/configure Windows 10

  • Secondary software upgrades (CAD, estimating, etc.) for Windows 10 compatibility

  • Non-billable downtime for your staff

Now, you’re going to face all those costs one way or another, but would you rather pay for it all in one shot, which could be catastrophic, or spread it out in a phased plan over the next two years with minimal impact on your billable time? It’s to every AEC firm’s benefit to overcome your natural reticence toward upgrades and begin your upgrade planning immediately. As always, ZenTek Consultants is here to help. In fact, we’re running a special sale, thru the end of June to help you not just get onto Windows 10, but to put in the highest levels of functionality and security available. Not only that, but we can help you set things up so you never face the expensive “forced upgrade” issue ever again! Just click here for details!


Jim C.

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