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Behold the Power of the Tablet!

It’s funny, when I talk to folks about tablets, the response I get is completely different depending upon whether it’s a personal or business-related discussion. If I’m talking personal use: everyone loves them some tablet, son! People don’t understand how they made due without them for so much of their lives. If I start to talk about using them for business, the tone changes immediately, though. I get answers like “Oh, well, they’re fun and all but they aren’t’ much use for real work!” or “I’d use them, but they’re so expensive and I can’t really secure my data . . . I mean, what if it’s lost or stolen on a job site?”

That’s actually two separate issues, so I’ll address both. Let’s start with the “not for real work” argument. If that’s you’re thinking, you couldn’t be more wrong. Combining tablet functionality with modern cloud/collaboration tools makes your tablet the most powerful business machine you’ve ever seen. Using simple tools like Office 365 you can open, share, edit and markup documents of any type or size, right in the field or at a client’s office. Couple that with a tablet’s built in camera and native touch screen abilities and you have the key to connecting the real world to the imagined. Not only that, but you can even work with Virtual and Augmented Reality so clients can see what projects will look like in real time and space. Try making that happen with a pen and paper!

Now, the security issue is often a stumbling block for folks to overcome, but it shouldn’t be. When you deploy tools like Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) suite, you can separate and secure your corporate data from your user’s personal information. Not only that, but you can restrict who can open files and even restrict them from being copied or shared to other devices. Beyond that, if the worst case should happen and the tablet gets lost or stolen you can simply wipe all corporate information from it remotely, with a single click of a button. How cool is that?

See? There’s no reason every single member of your staff shouldn’t be using a tablet. The prices are very reasonable, the functionality is incredible, and the security is top-notch! Want to know more about how to work with and secure your tablets and smart devices using Office 365 and EMS? Just reach out to ZenTek and we’ll be happy to tell you all about it!

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