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April 11, 2017


In my role here at ZenTek, I spend a lot of time working with SMB’s (small-medium sized businesses). In particular, we’re experts at helping them structure and implement their technical business needs. I get to hear owners complain about a lot of issues they face but the cost of upgrading and maintaining their infrastructure is, without doubt, the most common one I hear. Have you ever made any of these complaints and/or excuses?


“Yea, I know I still have people working on Windows XP but I can’t take the time to upgrade.”

 “Well, yea, my Exchange Server is eight years old . . . but they’re way too expensive to replace!”

“We’re small, we don’t need any of that fancy new software.”

“I’d love to put in new systems but I can’t afford an IT guy to handle all that.”

“Listen, I do <insert business here>. I’m not an IT guy. I don’t have time to figure out how to do all this stuff.”

“I paid a company to set it up for me a few years back and it’s working, so I don’t wanna mess with it.”


Any of that sound familiar? Small business owners all have the same complaint: they have enough trouble running their own business and they don’t have the time, money, or inclination to get involved in major IT projects. Still, staying ahead of the tech curve, so you remain competitive and can leverage new tech to help your staff work more efficiently isn’t something a SMB can afford to ignore.


What to do then? Well, luckily, the advent of SaaS and integrated cloud technologies has made it much easier for small business owners to present themselves as having large company capabilities, on very small business budgets. Take Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange Online as examples. With Office 365, you can upgrade all your staff to the same platform for their daily work, keep them on the most recent version, and give them powerful tools they’ve never had. All that at a fraction of the cost of buying a single desktop seat of Office. With Exchange Online, you can move your entire email system (including archives) to an encrypted, secure, backed up, guaranteed uptime, Microsoft server farm for only a few hundred dollars. Compare that against the tens of thousands it costs every year to set up and maintain a single email server in your own office.


Another time and money saving option is to work with a Certified Microsoft Cloud Partner, like ZenTek. We not only work with you to purchase and implement these systems, but to actively administer them for you. You don’t have to worry about struggling to do your own IT admin work, just work with your Microsoft Partner to figure out what you need, how you want it to work, and let them handle it from there. The other benefit to working with these new systems is the ability to add and remove users from your pool via monthly licensing. Need to bring on some interns, or part-timers, to work on a single project? Some staff leaving and you aren’t replacing them immediately? No problem. With Microsoft cloud-based licensing, we can add/remove seats from your system as often as you need and you no longer need to pay for software that’s just sitting on an un-used PC. That’s how I help eliminate client complaints and make them money!


Want to know more about shifting to Office 365 or exchange? Just shoot me a quick email: and we can discuss your needs.


Jim C.

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