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Surviving the “Snow-pocalypse” as a Business

So, here in New Jersey, I’m staring down the throat of one final blast from old man winter tonight. As always, the entire Garden State is preparing to shut down in the face of a few inches of the white stuff and it made me realize just how important it is for a business, of any type, to look toward cloud technology. I’m a huge fan of the cloud, just about everything we do here at ZenTek is cloud-based. Why? Well, for starters, snow days have absolutely no impact on our work! I can work from anywhere, on any device, at any time, because all my data is cloud-hosted. As long as I can get Wi-Fi or cell signal, I’m working.

That’s convenient, but it’s not the only reason I’m all about the cloud. The truth is that you can’t beat the cost and levels of security that cloud based platforms provide. I use PinPoint (for document management) and Microsoft Dynamics (for CRM and Financials) both of which are cloud-based systems. The level of security, guaranteed up-time, and the underlying infrastructure they provide are amazing. To be honest, I could never afford to put that much hardware and security in place on my own budget. I can, however, pay a minimal fee and put both amazing systems to work for me and let their suppliers deal with buying the servers and hosting them in data farms.

Yes, ZenTek does sell and implement all these systems, but (first and foremost!) we’re actual users of both. The level of functionality we get, for the low fees involved, are simply amazing. Not only that, but short of a full attack on our telecommunications network by bug-eyed aliens from Centauri 5, I never lose the ability to work! Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow . . . and ZenTek will still be plugging away, sipping hot chocolate at our kitchen tables and thinking how brutally cold it looks outside while we work away for our clients.

Not only that, but I get to tell the wife I can’t shovel the sidewalk, because “I’m working!” Gotta love the cloud!

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