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February 26, 2017

Ok, so the title’s a bit of a pop-culture cliché at this point, but that doesn’t make it any less true. Let me throw a few facts at you to catch your interest. Did you know:

  • Your employees spend approx. 30% of their work week simply searching for documents IDC – “The High Cost of Not Finding Information”

  • Your employees find the document they’re searching for less than 50% of the time IDC – “The High Cost of Not Finding Information”

  • You spend over $9,000.00 per employee, each year, recreating the documents they can’t find IDC - “Bridging the Information Worker Productivity Gap”

Some basic math shows how much money companies lose each year to inefficient document management procedures. Just think about it – with 20 employees, making an average of $50K per year, you may be losing $480K a year. What if you could take that amount and reinvest it into your company instead of letting it walk out the door?


If you're wondering: “What am I doing wrong?” the answer is that you’re not doing anything wrong, you’re just doing what you –and every other firm—have always done. You save files to a network location, structured into a series of folders and sub-folder, and maybe (if you’re lucky!) you have a solid naming convention for documents that your employees might even follow occasionally. The problem with that structure is that it worked fine back in 1990, when it was designed, but that was before people had any idea of the amount of data and documents the modern business would be dealing with on a regular basis. Saving your files to a network location is like driving in midtown Manhattan at rush hour: the infrastructure wasn’t built to handle the amount of traffic you have, you’re depending on frustrated, busy, people to do the right things, and it’s (quite frankly) just a series of deadly accidents waiting to happen!


The answer you’re looking for is a document management system that can eliminate not just the simple search time you’re losing but can add the ability to group projects, file type, clients, vendors, etc. and display them for you in seconds instead of minutes. Not only that, but a good document management system can automatically name, number, and even "read" the contents of your documents to eliminate that cost hole you didn’t even know was there until you read this blog.


At this point, you've got to be wondering what document management system you should be looking into. ZenTek works regularly with PinPoint, a system rated by Business News Daily as the best document management system, for two years running!


Want to know more? Just reach out to me and we can discuss how ZenTek can help you get control of your documents.

  • Jim C.


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