Office 365 - it's NOT what you think!

February 28, 2017



When I ask clients if they’re using Office 365 I invariably get some variant of the same answer: “Oh . . . we use Office, yea, but I’m not sure what version.”


I get it, you hear “Office” and you’re thinking the old school suite of products with Word, Excel, etc. and Office 365 does contain those but that’s not all it is . . .not by a long shot! So, what is it, you ask? Office 365 isn’t just a suite of programs, it’s a cloud based business control system that can handle just about anything and everything a SMB (small – medium sized business) can wish for. Yes, it gives you the latest version of your traditional Office products (Outlook, Word, Excel, etc.) but it doesn’t just give them to you as programs on your desktop, it also lets you use them from any device that has web access, anywhere in the world. Need to open and comment on a Word document from your smart phone, while you’re visiting a client in Singapore? No problem – you don’t even need to install an app, just login to Office 365 and get to work!


That’s cool, sure, but we’re still just talking basic Office products, right? Nope. How would you like to unload the costs of buying, configuring, maintaining, and backing up your in-house mail and file storage servers? Office 365 can handle that for you. All your email and file storage can be moved to a secure, guaranteed up-time, location in the cloud. Not just that, but you will get levels of collaboration and file sharing you’ve never dreamed of. How would you like to have three people editing the same file, at the same time – each seeing the other’s edits in real time? Yup, Office 365 can do that for you.


If that’s not enough, Office 365 gives you applications like Planner, that lets you build projects and assign/track tasks using a simple notecard flow chart. It gives you Sway, which lets multiple users edit and discuss document designs, like newsletters and brochures, in real-time from anywhere in the world. How about Yammer: a social media driven tool for letting your people find, and ask questions of, subject matter experts throughout your firm? All that, and I’m just scratching the surface of Office 365 here!


Oh, and did I mention it only costs around $20 per month? Want to know more? Reach out to our ZenTek sales experts today . . .


  • Jim C.


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