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February 26, 2017

Ever get tired of the annoying software salesman who calls you three times a week to tell you all about the new package that's going to fix ALL your problems . . . for a large fee, of course. Next time that guy calls, ask him exactly what problem it will fix and how does he know you have that problem?


When you're dealing with technical issues, "buy more software" is very rarely the correct answer. That sounds counterintuitive coming from a company that sells and implements software, but in reality, it's what makes ZenTek different from all the other companies out there. We like to call ourselves "Consulting Partners" because to us, the ideal business relationship lies in a long-term integration between our staff and yours, to help you get the most out of what you already own. In the long run, when you can trust your consultant to place your interests above their sales needs, you'll get some high-profit results. And (let's be honest here!) when you see high profits, you call ZenTek back for more work, which makes everyone a winner!


Whether it's ZenTek, or another firm, when you're working with a technical consultant you need to have someone who is willing to take the time to learn your business needs, your internal workflows, and what your market position is, BEFORE making technical recommendations. Seriously, if you get on the phone with a consultant who has the "answer" for you after a two minute conversation, just hang up, and move on with your day.


A key component of every consulting engagement should be what I call a "Needs Assessment". A consultant needs to spend time --at least a few hours, if not days-- learning your current processes and talking to key staff to learn the "why" of everything they currently do before they can make any type of intelligent recommendation for improvements. The end product of our Needs Assessment is a written summary of our findings and recommendations on areas we think can be improved upon. Along with that, we'll send an estimate of what it will cost to implement those changes. Simple, right?


Well, we think it is but, apparently, lots of tech folks out there struggle with the concept. If you want to talk about how to improve your current work processes - from document management, to onboarding controls, or extended training for staff, reach out to ZenTek and we'll be happy to start a conversation . . .


- Jim C.



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