PlanSwift Estimating Software for Masonry Contractors

Increase Productivity and Profit:​​

  • Point and Click Takeoff

  • Instant, Accurate Estimates

  • Get More Jobs at the Right Price

How PlanSwift Will Help You
With PlanSwift, you can 

  • Measure coverage areas with a simple point and click.

  • Easily exclude doors and windows for a precise area assessment.

  • Accurately and automatically calculate materials, parts and labor.

  • Submit more accurate bids to increase productivity and income!


Plus, PlanSwift makes it easy to print or export all of your costs and margins to Excel.

On-Demand Webinar

Construction Estimating Simplified with Planswift

Why PlanSwift Estimating Software


How do you calculate brick when you have excluded areas like windows and doors? PlanSwift automatically makes the deduction with a click of the mouse. Plus PlanSwift gives you the ability to account for adjustments on the fly, saving you from recalculating change orders by hand.

PlanSwift is the #1 takeoff and estimating software for the construction industry.

Your entire takeoff and estimating process will be simpler, more accurate and more detailed with PlanSwift. This award winning software has the power to calculate all the material quantities and costs for just about any job estimate. Your takeoffs are easily exported to Excel and will automatically calculate all your costs, including material, labor, and waste.


A better bottom line begins with PlanSwift. To learn more about PlanSwift, download a free 14-day trial. Call us today at 866-824-4459 to arrange for a no-obligation demonstration.



Let PlanSwift make your next masonry estimate easy, fast and accurate! Try it free for 14 days!

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