Why Do You Use Your Current CAD System?


Is it because it’s powerful, regularly updated with vital tools, affordable, and everything you need for your design project is handled in a single file?

Of course, it’s not!


We use the “big-name” CAD system because we don’t have a choice, right? We’ve spent decades developing tools, learning processes, building standards and becoming productive in our current system. We can’t afford the time, effort, and money needed to make a change, right? Yes, we know they haven’t given us a decent tool update in five years. Yes, they make us buy three different software packages to do our work and yes, they force us to pay crazy high subscription fees and update every year whether we want to or not, but what choice do we have?

You DO have a choice - BricsCAD



Before you shrug and point back to the previous paragraph about the “why’s” of staying where you are, let us point out five quick things you need to know about BricsCAD before you leave this page:

  1. BricsCAD basic commands, features, and functions are identical to the AutoCAD system. That means there’s no learning curve or downtime,for you or your staff. The tools you use today are the same ones you'll use in BricsCAD.

  2. BricsCAD uses the DWG format for all of its work. That means you can open and work on all your existing files, without conversion, and save them in the same DWG format. BricsCAD files also retain their AutoCAD compatibility so they can be opened, shared, and edited in either system freely.

  3. BricsCAD incorporates 2D CAD, 3D Modeling, BIM Design, and even Mechanical/Sheet Metal design and drafting into a single system. That means you only need one set of software, and one file type (DWG) to do all your design work. No more buying “Collections” of software you have to pay for, maintain, learn, and struggle with, just because you “have no choice”.

  4. BricsCAD regularly updates their tools based on user need. That means you get the most advanced drafting tools to simplify your work, including one-of-a-kind A.I. features to automate repetitive processes. With BricsCAD, there are no “make-believe” upgrades for compatibility sake, or just changing icon and background colors to justify your subscription fees. Each BricsCAD release has powerful new tools to make your job easier, and you get to choose when it’s worthwhile to upgrade.

  5. BricsCAD is a far better system, for far less money. BricsCAD still uses a “Perpetual Licensing” model: buy it once and you own it forever. You upgrade only when the new tools added meet your needs. With BricsCAD, you buy one software package, instead of paying for a half-dozen systems in a “Collection” you don’t really want - or need - just to get a handful of tools you might actually use. Even at a base, single purchase, BricsCAD costs less than AutoCAD. If you’re currently paying Collection subscription fees on multiple seats, switching to BricsCAD can easily save you thousands each year – and you get a better system!


We know that change can be scary, and you may not be comfortable changing your entire design system over to BricsCAD at once, but why not start with a few seats and see how it goes? Remember, BricsCAD can freely open/edit/save your current DWG files with no problems, so you can integrate it into your current workflow and let your staff see for themselves how much better - and more powerful - the BricsCAD system really is.

We’d be happy to work with you to start a BricsCAD Pilot Program for your staff. We can arrange for a subscription of a few seats to get you started and show you that BricsCAD is the right long-term answer for your business.

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