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Microsoft SharePoint Online Kickstart

Microsoft SharePoint Online: A Necessity for Modern Business!

It doesn’t matter what industry you work in: AEC, Manufacturing, etc. For all of us, easily sharing data and files is the Holy Grail of technology that we all search for. SharePoint Online from Microsoft, a standard part of Office 365 business and enterprise packages, may be the very thing you’re looking for. SharePoint Online is a cloud-based file storage and sharing system that gives you complete control of your largest data sets, from anywhere in the world, any time day or night. SharePoint Online even provides reliable file versioning (i.e., backups) and the ability to add custom file properties and even notify you when your files/folders are modified. It will even let you build lists of data to organize contacts, project details, etc., in one convenient location.

SharePoint Online can actually be used as your primary file storage location in the Cloud and allow you to eliminate the prohibitive costs of on-premise server setup, maintenance, patching, backup, and utility costs. Put simply, SharePoint Online can save you money and make file access, sharing, and control much simpler for your staff.

The problem of course is deciding how and when to implement SharePoint Online into your organization. You’ll need to develop workflow procedures, build standard file storage and archiving procedures, and -most importantly- train your staff on how to use SharePoint Online effectively, so you can get the increased work efficiency you need.

To help you get started with SharePoint, and to ensure you’re setting it up in the most efficient manner possible, for the specific type of work you do, ZenTek Consultants has created our Microsoft SharePoint Online Kickstart: a program that will help your firm transition into this powerful Cloud-based tool with minimal disruption and maximum returns for your business. ZenTek Consultants is a premier Microsoft Cloud Solutions Partner that specializes in developing simplified work structures for the AEC and Manufacturing communities. With decades of experience in all aspects of the design and construction world, we have a unique understanding of how our clients work, and how complex document control, communication, and collaboration processes can be in this industry.

What does the SharePoint Online Kickstart Consist of?


The SharePoint Online Kickstart program includes all the below for one affordable, fixed, price point:

  • A two (2) hour Online Needs Assessment to review your current company file storage, sharing, and workflow procedures.

  • A written Needs Assessment Summary report that lays out our recommendations for SharePoint Online implementation and configuration.

  • Training for up to (4) users on proper use of SharePoint Online.

  • Creation of a “sandbox” testing environment of a single SharePoint Online team site used to develop and ensure that all proposed workflows meet your internal requirements.

  • Up to two (2) hours of follow up support and meetings with your testing group to allow for adjustments and/or support of the developing SharePoint Online processes​.


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