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Compare BricsCAD® to AutoCAD®

BricsCAD offers a whole new world for those who venture beyond the AutoCAD® horizon. Among its growing community of users, BricsCAD is best known for its feature-rich combination of 2D drawing and 3D modeling.

*Dynamic Blocks:

If you insert AutoCAD dynamic blocks into your BricsCAD drawing, you can, in most cases, edit those block instances. You cannot, however, create or edit dynamic block definitions in BricsCAD. Instead of offering dynamic block functionality, BricsCAD focuses entirely on parametrics. It allows you to create both 2D and 3D block definitions using the same set of tools and workflow.

**Network Licensing:

Network licensing is available at an additional cost.

***3D MCAD Data Exchange:

Activated with the additional Communicator for BricsCAD module.

Case Studies
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Since 2006, Ben van Amersfoort has been running his
drafting service, Tekenbureau Amersfoort. He specializes in
production drawings for companies engaged in aluminum
and steel façade construction. In addition, he helps private
individuals make building plans for permit applications.
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Prototyp and its 85 engineers work alongside
architects to create the facades for some
incredible buildings around the world. Their
portfolio includes the Gasholder Triplets (Kings
Cross, London, UK), the Largo Sofia (Sofia
Municipal City, Bulgaria) and the Brickell City
Center building (Miami, FL, USA).
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Stageco Netherlands chooses BricsCAD® to assure the organizers of big musical tours and festivals that the show will go on, on time and on budget.
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Bastiaan van der Steen is a busy and versatile
entrepreneur in the real estate world. But he is
involved in much more than buying and selling
properties. Mr. van der Steen’s company, IQTA, is developing multiple projects based on systemized construction, like temporary housing using high-quality design containers and tiny houses similar in size to a sea container.
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Noraqua, an engineering company with headquarters in Oporto, Portugal, has specialized in hydraulic engineering for over 35 years. Noraqua has proven to be a trusted and highly skilled
partner for countless companies all over the world involved who carry, transport, contain or treat water. Noraqua chose BricsCAD and BricsCAD Pro permanent licences as their CAD solution.
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