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Civil 3D is the powerhouse of the civil design world, but the truth is that most of us who use it aren’t comfortable with the standards and styles we have in place. Far too often we’re stuck using out-of-the-box display and label styles, mixed with a few we’ve cobbled together on our own, and just accepting the sloppy, time-consuming, and unreliable results we get.


We all know that the key to efficiency and reliable output in Civil 3D is to have a well-developed set of templates, styles, and standards, but who has the detailed knowledge, or extensive amount of time needed, to develop those in your firm?

That’s where ZenTek Consultant’s Civil 3D Kickstart program comes in. We’ve developed an array of templates, tools, and processes that you can use to give your firm the productivity, reliability, and clean output that you’ve always wanted without having to lose hundreds of hours of productivity from your best employees.


The Kickstart program lets you choose the Civil 3D components that are vital to the work you do and add additional components as you need them. We include consulting time to help you determine your needs, help you get the Kickstart up and running, and additional support time once the Kickstart is complete. We also include demonstration and training time for your staff on how to use our standards and styles to their best benefit.





The Civil 3D Kickstart program includes all the below items for one low, fixed, price:



  • One (1) hour online pre-deployment to discuss template needs and options

  • One (1) hour online post-deployment to discuss additional needs/questions

  • Written documentation of all standards with installation/use instructions


Available Templates (includes your choice of two)



  • One (1) hour online demonstration/explanation for up to 20 students

C3D Style Naming Convention (ZenTek included)

  • ZenTek - All styles have (ZTK_) prefix

  • Custom - Company Custom Prefix (optional)


Linetype Files (complex included)

  • ZenTek Complex

  • ZenTek Custom Civil (optional)


Layering Structures (vanilla included)

  • NCS Structure – Vanilla

  • NCS Structure – with defined Filters (optional)

Plot Styles (STB included)

  • Style Dependent (STB)

  • Color Dependent (CTB) (optional)


Annotation Styles

  • Fonts (existing & proposed)

  • Dimension Styles (existing & proposed)


Plotting/Display Scales

  • Architectural

  • Civil

  • Mapping

Optional Items

Add any of these components on to your Kickstart:

  • One Hour Online Training (up to 20 students)

  • Additional Template 

  • ZenTek Custom Civil Linetype

  • Layers Structure with Defined Filters

  • CTB Plot Style Setup

  • C3D Custom Styles Naming 



$200.00 flat fee

$150.00 per template

$100.00 per template

$150.00 per template

Ready to get started? Contact us to get your Kickstart off the ground today!

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