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Civil Site Design for AutoCAD Civil 3D

For more than a decade now, AutoCAD Civil 3D has been the king of the civil/site/survey world. It’s an immensely powerful tool that handles even the most complex designs and gives you highly customizable tools for just about any civil-related scenario you can imagine. The problem is that very often it’s just too complicated to work in effectively. Even those who work in Civil 3D every day still avoid many of its features because they’re just too difficult and time-consuming for use on many small/mid-size projects.

Many firms regularly avoid building Civil 3D Corridors, Pipe Networks, and even Gradings because they’re just too difficult and require far too much time to become comfortable with. What the civil world really needs is a tool that will let you easily generate and modify all the 3D site modeling tools you need, without the extended learning curve. A tool that will integrate with Civil 3D but simplify your daily workload.

Let us introduce you to Civil Site Design, a cost-effective, and immensely powerful civil/site/survey solution for Civil 3D that gives you all the design tools of Civil 3D but in a much faster, easier-to-use format. Not only will Civil Site Design give you all the 3D modeling tools you need, its output can be converted directly to Civil 3D objects for collaboration with other firms/groups using that system. Better yet, Civil Site Design’s tools and user interface have been designed to be immensely flexible while maintaining ease of use. Civil Site Design uses common 2D interfaces and drafting concepts to develop their modeling, not complex and convoluted command structures you need to learn from scratch. Civil Site Design tools are meant to be very intuitive for anyone who has a site design background, keeping you focused on the actual design and not on complicated software procedures. Civil Site design plugs directly into your current Civil 3D package, providing you with the tools you need, right inside the system you're using today!


Want to see how simple it is to use Civil Site Design? Take a look at this short video and see how you can accomplish in minutes what would take days in Civil 3D!

ZenTek Consultants is the premier U.S. sales and support partner for Civil Site Design, and we’d love the opportunity to show you how this amazing site design tool can dramatically improve your project output at a far lower cost than you’d imagine. Contact us to learn more or schedule a demo today!

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