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BricsCAD Updates

BricsCAD V20.2

More than a “dot release”, V20.2 brings new features, enhancements and fixes to BricsCAD, BricsCAD BIM and BricsCAD Mechanical. This V20.2 update is free of charge to all existing BricsCAD V20 users.


New V20.2 User Interface features

  • A new floating command line with clickable options.

  • A new Civil menu and toolbar for site modeling, grading and alignment functionality.

  • Improved support for high-resolution displays.

  • Addition of a series of tool palette improvements to help users work the way they choose.

V20.2 brings more performance and multi-threading

  • Line-type generation for display and plot output is faster.

  • BricsCAD supports up to four “helper threads” when loading point cloud files. This can accelerate loading 2-3 times, while significantly reducing memory requirements.

  • Supports helper threads for several solid modeling operations – auditing, model simplification and mass properties calculations of complex assemblies. The use of multi-threading keeps BricsCAD responsive during these complex calculations, helping you to get more work done, faster.

  • BricsCAD Mechanical - powerful series of enhancements to the Animation Editor, Bills of Materials and support of custom material properties.

Building Information Modeling

  • BricsCAD BIM V20.2 delivers smarter IFC auto-classification by automatically detecting profile types.

  • BIMSections perform better and deliver better, more precise renderings of sections and elevations.

  • BIMTags can denote load-bearing directions, and new BIM profile settings keep track of your standard libraries.

  • The A.I.-powered Propagate workflow is improved to support more cases, making it easier to raise the LOD of your BIM model in a continuous way.

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