BricsCAD Pilot Program


BricsCAD is the fastest growing, and most powerful, CAD system on the market today. It lets you work in the native DWG format you’re used to and open/edit/save in either BricsCAD or AutoCAD without conversion so you can work with both systems at once. BricsCAD also has all the same features and commands your end-users work with in their current AutoCAD-based system, so they can be up and running productively in it in just a few hours.

Still, the idea of massive change inside a design firm, no matter how beneficial it will be long-term, is scary. For that reason, ZenTek has created the BricsCAD Pilot Program. This program allows you to start with an annual subscription (or purchase if you prefer) to a set of two (2) seats of BricsCAD that you can integrate into your current workflow. This lets you see that BricsCAD does everything that your current AutoCAD-based system does – only better, with improved tools and faster processes.

Because BricsCAD works natively with DWG files, you can freely work in either AutoCAD or BricsCAD, with the same file. You won’t have to worry about conversion issues or problems sharing with other companies that don’t have BricsCAD – the DWG just works, with any program that uses a DWG file.

BricsCAD - Dark-light theme splitscreen.
BricsCAD V20 - Landing page
BricsCAD BIM V20 - Train station
BricsCAD Mechanical - Escalator
Point Clouds
BricsCAD 2D screenshot 2
BricsCAD Mechanical (exploded view)
BricsCAD - Point Clouds (inside of churc

What does the BricsCAD Pilot Program actually consist of?

We include all of the below, in one simple package, to help get you up and running with BricsCAD in the fastest, most cost-effective way possible:

  • (2) Seats of BricsCAD Platinum (1-year subscription)

  • (2) Seats of BricsCAD Shape (free form 3D building modeling software)

  • Training: an instructor-led, online two-hour class on using BricsCAD Platinum for up to (2) users

  • Support: a block of four hours of pre-paid support for your BricsCAD seats is included

  • Book: PDF book “BricsCAD for AutoCAD Users” is included (396 pg.)

  • Book: PDF book “Using BricsCAD Shape” is included (27 pg.)


All of the above is bundled into a single, affordable, price so you can quickly, and easily, get BricsCAD integrated into your current workflow. This is the perfect way to make sure BricsCAD does everything you need (which we’re confident it will!) with as little risk, and cost, to you as possible. Reach out to us today at or 866-824-4459 and we’ll get you started with the BricsCAD Pilot Program.


Wait – how much does the BricsCAD Pilot Program actually cost?

Well, what if we said that ZenTek will include all the above, for less than the cost of a single subscription seat of Autodesk’s AEC Collection?

BricsCAD Pilot Program - $2,700.00

Autodesk AEC Collection - $2,825.00

With our BricsCAD Pilot Program, you get double the number of licenses, training, support, and reference materials for less than you’re currently paying for one annual subscription. That means you can just drop one seat of your current Autodesk licensing and our program pays for itself! That’s the ZenTek Consultants benefit.

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