BricsCAD Mechanical Features

The Future of Mechanical

Assemble freely using the power of 3D Direct Modeling. Design parameterizable parts, including sheet metal. Create assemblies using the library of 30,000+ parametric parts. Generate isometric, section, exploded views, and BOMs, all with automated annotation.

What's New in BricsCAD Mechanical V20

New Bill of Materials Panel

The latest BOM panel allows you to manage several BOM tables, format every column individually, compute values, sort tables, and more.


Automatic multi-axis exploded views with trailing lines

The new multi-axes exploded views allow you to automatically disassemble complex assemblies and add all trailing lines in a single click.


New Standard Components

Threaded holes and pipe flangs, the new parametric components, have been added to the built-in library of standard components.


Threads representation in drawing views

The drawing views created with the VIEWBASE command display threaded bolts, pins, nuts, and holes according to the drafting standards.


Fast generation of draft quality drawing views

In V20, draft-quality drawing views are generated up to 10 times faster than precise drawing views and can be immediately annotated.


Multi-parametric 3D animations

The Animation Editor panel is designed to create complex 3D animations, where every scene can contain multiple parallel actions controlled by different parameters.


Hem feature

The new hem feature allows you to model a hemming metalworking process.


Tab-and-slot features

The tab-and-slot feature simplifies the assembly of your sheet metal products by connecting sheet metal flanges.

Contour to flange

The new SMFLANGECONTOUR command allows you to create new flanges from arbitrary 2D contours and automatically connect them to your sheet metal part.

On-Demand Webinars

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Mechanical Features

Part Design

  • Direct 3D modeling

  • Freeform modeling

  • Smart Selection

  • 3D constraints

  • Surface modeling

  • Feature copying

  • Design intent recognition

  • Repair imported geometry

  • Parametric feature

Assembly Design

  • Mechanical browser

  • 30000+ standard parts

  • Kinematics analysis

  • External and local components

  • User-defined parametric components

  • Materials & mass properties

  • Top-down and bottom-up design

  • Assembly constraints

  • Exploded views

Sheet Metal

  • Feature Coloring

  • Bend and corner reliefs

  • Unfold

  • Base and edge flanges

  • Lofted Bends

  • Rework imported parts

  • Bends and junctions

  • Form features

  • Batch Processing

Drawing generation

  • Base and projected views

  • Associative dimensions

  • Section views

  • Bill of materials

  • Detail views

  • Balloons

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