Price starting from $350 / year. Perpetual licenses available.

Leverage what you already know with full command, script, macro and menu compatibility with the industry-standard CAD program.

BricsCAD is highly compatible

BricsCAD Lite is highly compatible with AutoCAD® LT 2021

There’s no need to change your printers, templates, blocks or sheet set layouts to move to BricsCAD – all are 100% compatible. Command names, aliases, and system variables are the same in BricsCAD and AutoCAD®. BricsCAD is based on native DWG for the highest compatibility with other CAD users across all industries.

  • Command compatible
  • Menu (.CUI, .CUIX) compatible
  • Macro/script compatible
  • Support file (.PC3, .LIN, .PAT, .DWT, .SSM) compatible
  • Based on 2018 DWG technology
LISP Routines

LISP Routines

You can run LISP routines developed in AutoCAD® and other CAD applications, or develop your own in the BricsCAD LISP Advanced Development Environment (BLADE). BricsCAD is based on OpenLISP, with modern memory management and great performance.

Why use LISP?

LISP routines are the easiest way to automate processes and workflows for bulk layer manipulations, changing entity properties, automate drawing and XREF relationships, standardize plotting and publishing workflows, etc.

Best of all this code is platform independent. You can just run them as usual.

Dynamic Blocks

Did You Know?

You can use the Dynamic Blocks that you created in AutoCAD® directly inside of BricsCAD. Control visibility states and stretch, flip, and rotate just as you would in AutoCAD®.

BricsCAD offers unique tools to help you get more work done faster. Many of them are powered by advanced machine learning technologies to accelerate tasks that can take hours or more via manual methods.

Drawing Explorer in BricsCAD

Drawing Explorer

Giving You Greater Control Over All Drawing Elements

In BricsCAD, the Drawing Explorer centralizes what, in other CAD platforms, amounts to many separate dialog boxes. It's easy to navigate and search.

  • Linetypes
  • Layer management
  • UCS control
  • External references
  • Blocks
  • Images
  • Section planes
  • and much more

Convert repeated geometry to Block Definitions

Blockify automatically creates a block definition and replaces all matching sets of entities with block references throughout your entire drawing. You can reduce DWG file size up to 90% by using Blockify to find repetitive geometry and convert it into block references.


The Quad: drawing, editing, and information near the cursor

BricsCAD’s unique Quad is a “heads-up” command palette that predicts your command usage and offers one-click access to the command you’ll most likely need next.

Drawing Explorer in BricsCAD

Automatically align copied entities

CopyGuided automatically aligns copied entities to relevant geometry using automatically generated guide curves. You can explicitly select entities to use as guide curves or let BricsCAD determine them based on the drawing elements in your selection.

Nearest Distance

Nearest Distance

View the distance between any two entities, and move the second one by simply typing in a new distance value, without needing to start a command. And, the aligned nearest distances along the X-, Y- and Z-axes of the WCS display when you double click an element in your drawing.

Adaptive Grid

Adaptive Grid Snapping

BricsCAD’s dynamic snap grid changes to reflect your zoom level. The adaptive grid snap feature lets you create, edit, nudge and manipulate entities using precise values without the need for keyboard entry. The snap step size adapts based on the current screen zoom factor.

Shift Key

The Power of the Shift Key

With BricsCAD’s Dynamic UCS, the coordinate system is aligned automatically with the entity under your cursor. By tapping the Shift key, you can lock or unlock the UCS, which allows you to start drawing outside the selected entity or face. And 2D users can increase their drawing productivity by automatically aligning the UCS with selected entities for both 3D and 2D entities.

Structure Panel

The Structure Panel 

The Structure Panel gives you a bird’s eye view of the entities that make up your drawing. You can select entities by category and perform actions on them, like show or hide, isolate, or zoom.

Rectangular and Polar Grids

Rectangular and polar grids

BricsCAD provides both rectangular and polar grids with adaptive step size and dynamic origin placement to speed drawing creation. Geometric relationships between entities, like tangency and perpendicularity, are shown graphically by lighting the touch-point on-screen.



The Manipulator is a versatile tool that lets you move, rotate, scale, and mirror selected entities. Hold down the Control key when starting an action and the Manipulator will keep the original entities, automatically creating copies of the

CAD should feel smooth and seamless, no matter how many millions of lines are in the file.

High performance graphics engine

High performance graphics engine

Enjoy smooth zoom and pan operations in drawings containing hundreds of thousands of entities. BricsCAD uses the Redway3D graphics system to deliver great display performance for 3D graphics.

PDF and Big TIFF underlays

PDF and Big TIFF underlays

BricsCAD uses a multi-resolution, persistent image cache to display PDF underlays, enabling super-fast zoom and pan operations. And BricsCAD’s raster engine delivers great pan and zoom performance, even with enormous 64-bit Big TIFF files.

Did You Know?

BricsCAD supports multi-threaded, multi-processor operations to speed product performance for file loads, drawing generation, and rendering. In fact, BricsCAD BIM and BricsCAD Mechanical users can leverage multi-core processors to speed drawing sheet generation and updates in the background, while you continue to work on your BIM or assembly model.

The Bricsys 24/7 connection panel lives inside of BricsCAD, and gives you direct access to our cloud-based file storage and collaboration network.

Click here for an in-depth look at what's new in BricsCAD V21.


What's New in BricsCAD V21

A Better CAD System with No Learning Curve and Less Cost

A Better CAD System with No Learning Curve and Less Cost

It's easy to replace your current CAD system with BricsCAD

It's Easy to Replace Your Current CAD System with BricsCAD

BricsCAD: Seeing is Believing

BricsCAD: Seeing is Believing

BricsCAD vs OtherCAD: Network Licensing

BricsCAD vs Other CAD: Network Licensing

BricsCAD Custom Tools at Your Fingertips

BricsCAD Custom Tools at Your Fingertips

BricsCAD – The Power of the Quad

BricsCAD: The Power of the Quad

Blockify – Make Hundreds of CAD Blocks at Once!

Blockify – Make Hundreds of CAD Blocks at Once!

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