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BricsCAD Features

BricsCAD includes familiar 2D and 3D Direct Modeling CAD features

New dark UI, Stackable Panels, Copy Guided, Blockify improvements, Dynamic UCS for 2D entities, Parametrize now works for 2D, Blockify now finds and detects arrays, Point Cloud improvements,  Site tools for BricsCAD Platinum users and more!

What's New in BricsCAD V20

New Dark UI

Enjoy a modern dark interface that reduces eyestrain. Easily change color themes and switch between workspaces to create optimal environments for your workflows.


Stackable Panels

Stack any combination of panels and display them as tabs or icons in an expandable panel strip.


Get Started Page

The new in-product Start page shows large thumbnails of your recently opened drawings, and makes it easy to start a new drawing, from scratch or from a template.


Bricsys 24/7 Panel

The built-in Bricsys 24/7 panel gives you instant access to updates and ensures you always have the latest version. Download, view and edit natively.


2D Parametric Blocks (coming soon)

Quickly create 2D Parametric blocks by automatically constraining block geometry. Specify alignment geometry and apply flip actions and visibility states as needed.



Automatically convert a selected set of entities, and all matching sets of entities, to blocks with a few simple clicks.


Site tools

Quickly create and modify TIN surfaces, gradings, and alignments for site design.


Dynamic UCS for 2D entities

Increase your 2D drawing productivity by temporarily aligning the UCS with selected entities for both 3D and 2D entities.


Point Clouds

Easily preprocess common point cloud file formats, including RCP and RCS files, directly from BricsCAD to produce a highly efficient VRM (Virtual Reality Model) file format.

On-Demand Webinars

BricsCAD – A Better DWG System

BricsCAD Custom Tools at Your Fingertips

Core Features


  • Native .dwg

  • 2018 file format

  • PDF underlays

  • Import raster images

  • Lock files

  • eTransmit

  • Export to PDF, DWF, Export to svg

  • Xrefs in-place editing

  • Sheet set manager


  • Customizable menus and toolbars

  • LookFrom widget (view orientation)

  • Extended Drawing Explorer


  • Ribbon

  • Tool palettes

  • Searchable Settings Manager

  • Workspaces

  • Intelligent quad cursor

  • Command Line with auto completion

  • Hot grips for multiple grip points modification

2D Drafting, Drawing and Annotation

  • WYSIWYG Text Editor

  • Tables & table styles

  • Object grips

  • Dimensions

  • Dynamic Arrays

  • Hatches

  • Leaders

  • Layouts

  • Insert and edit dynamic blocks

3D Modeling

  • Direct 3D Modeling

  • Section planes

  • Deformable Modeling

  • Material mapping

  • Dynamic UCS

  • 800 standard parts

  • Generation drawing views

  • 3D Comparison tool

  • Walkthrough navigation

  • Web map service

  • 2D and 3D Parametric constraints

  • Visual styles

  • Powerful rendering engine

  • Photometric Lighting support

  • Camera Motion Path Animations


  • Network licensing

  • Perpetual licensing

  • Multiple licenses

  • Rental

  • Volume


  • Full LISP, VBA, BRX (ARX) & .NET support


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