BricsCAD BIM: The One-Stop BIM Solution

Why BIM?


We know that there is a better way for you to do BIM.

  • Real conceptual design freedom

  •  A smooth transition to detail design

  •  Use AI to speed up BIM data collection

Conceptual Design Tools

Conceptualize your designs in CAD-accurate 3D solids.

Structural Tools

Represent columns, beams, and other linear elements as smart solids.

Design Assistance

Automate repetitive tasks with AI-driven tools.

Construction Documents

Automatically generate industry-ready 2D documents from your 3D model.

HVAC Modeling Tools

Model bends, t-connections and flow terminals using BricsCAD BIM's profile library.

IFC Interoperability

Share your BIM across all the vertical disciplines in the AEC world.

Attach Building Data

Store building materials and compositions in the project database.

Project Collaboration

Collaborate on construction projects in the cloud with Bricsys 24/7.

Design your building virtually with BIM

We'll show you how to build a small- to medium-sized project quickly, easily, and cost-effectively using BricsCAD BIM.

Concerned about sharing with Revit users – don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

On-Demand Webinars

2D Drafting and 3D BIM in One File

BricsCAD – A Better DWG System

BricsCAD Custom Tools at Your Fingertips

Your Perfect BIM Workflow


Create your concepts in 3D and move to BIM automatically.

Add Data

Enjoy continuous LOD with the power of AI.


Automate drawing creation, detail with the best 2D tools.


Supporting IFC 4.0 and BCF for seamless collaboration.

Easy Drawing Generation

Generate sheet sets in seconds. Place elevation, section and plan views with one click. Update the model, and all sheets update in sync. There's no easier way to document your BIM.

One format that everyone can read

Our BIM solution is based on an industry standard. Share your BIM across all the vertical disciplines in the AEC world - architectural, structural and building services (MEP).


IFC2x3 supports:

  • Spatial structure

  • Building and MEP elements

  • Parametric and free-form solid shapes

  • BIM property sets

  • Materials and other building metadata

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